CSS Laboratories Provides Integration for Digital Voice Inc.

A start-up software development company partnered with CSS Laboratories to create customized digital dictation and transcription solutions for the healthcare industry. CSS Laboratories serves as a strategic partner, continuing to provide a national dealership network with seamless service, including product deployments and updates, regular systems maintenance and ongoing customer education.


CSS Laboratories is a privately held global manufacturer and supplier of OEM workstations, server and rack mount computing solutions, plus custom system design, development and integration services.

In 1995, a digital voice dictation and transcription software company serving the medical industry, incorporated CSS Laboratories’ series of passive backplane servers to accommodate multiple voice cards that need to run simultaneously for their applications. In order to maximize the usage capabilities of their software applications, the software company chose a series of voice cards that required higher than commonly available amperage from the ‘-5vdc’ line, which is used normally only as a reference voltage. Before finalizing the server configurations, CSS Laboratories went back to the power supply manufacturer and worked with them to remedy the situation. This pre-order, pre-production problem solving was executed at no cost to the software company, and underscored CSS Laboratories’ commitment to clients even before they are customers.

Since then, CSS Laboratories and the software company, along with their network of dealers, continuously adapt the servers to ensure quality non-stop dictation and transcription services to hospitals and clinics – an industry that is 24-7 mission critical. CSS Laboratories underscored its commitment to providing personalized service and establishing partnerships with customers by:

  • Understanding the software company’s long-range software update plans, and thereby accommodating the attendant hardware needs well in advance of need and avoiding downtime. 
  • Engineering a ‘Quiet Bus’ technology that was superior to any on the market and minimizing phone-line static in the dictation/transcription analog-to-digital conversion processes.
  • Maximizing the number of card ports each server could accommodate (as many as 144 versus the industry standard 72), which kept costs down with the need for less total servers.
  • Engineering a customized cooling system allowing for the considerable port power.
  • Delivering 100's of servers for over 25 years.