servers-products"CSS Laboratories, Inc. offers several 14 or 20 slot 4U rackmount servers with various combinations of PCI/ISA/PCI-E slots for telephony, telecomm, or similar automation and control boards. Our single board computers currently utilizing the latest INTEL  I-core series, Xeon  processors and configure with DDR3/DDR4 memory(ECC/none-ECC RAM is used depend on host board installed) deliver a powerful platform to run a variety of endless applications and uses. Each system is custom designed with the customer's every requirement in mind, and built and delivered on time in a successful business relationship."

CSS Laboratories, Inc. also make Industrial Grade MT Workstations with the latest INTEL I-core series platforms dedicated to long user life and reliability, which we have delivered to 1000's of schools, banks, government agencies and military sites with hard use and user friendly systems in mind. We custom design each MT requirement on a per job basis per customer's needs.We look forward to reviewing your next server or workstation needs, and quoting you our best offering for the future. Contact us.