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When a company that created in-store, camera download stations needed a partner to manufacture, assemble, warehouse and ship their product, they partnered with CSS Laboratories, Inc..

Providing customers the ability to download, edit and print digital photographs from a disposable digital camera at a stand-alone kiosk requires computing hardware that can stand up to the rigors of general retail use. In the case of this particular manufacturer, these kiosk stations would be staffed by store employees, the equipment would have to perform with minimal training so that retail store employees could use it and provide an interface that was easy to use so that customers would not have to wait long periods of time for picture uploads. 

Each station required not only the sturdy, external casing necessary for repeated public use, but also internal hardware that was as fail-safe as possible with limited maintenance. Each unit also needed to be assembled, tested, branded, warehoused and shipped to retail outlets on an ongoing basis according to a schedule dictated by sales.


When the creator of the camera download stations approached CSS Laboratories, Inc., they had a plan for the configuration of the system, but found that the specifications they had in mind were either not available from the usual, large-volume suppliers, or the cost for a customized solution was prohibitive. 

In stark contrast to this approach, CSS Laboratories, Inc. encouraged the innovations of the client, and was able to configure both the external encasement and interior hardware to suit the both the clients blueprint and business plan.

This custom-engineering approach partnered engineers at CSS Laboratories, Inc. with those of the client to design and test all possible avenues to achieve a product that was cost-effective and eventually boasted a six to eight percent industry failure rate. 

During the development and manufacturing phases CSS Laboratories, Inc. worked with the client on several levels.  CSS Laboratories, Inc. shipped over 12,000 workstations, many still in operation today.