CSS LABORATORIES, INC. is a custom manufacturer of passive backplane industrial and ruggedized rackmount servers and workstations since 1984. CSS Laboratories, Inc. has evolved over many years to build customer specific products and alliances to deliver long lasting quality products in a timely manner for a variety of needs and applications. CSS Laboratories, Inc. servers and workstations can be found in many of the largest banks, hospitals, military bases, scientific centers, and many other unique applications from the largest cheese distributor in the US. CSS Laboratories, Inc. also built 92 Navy LCAC Hovercraft highly ruggedized servers. Our workstations can be found in thousands of US schools, government agencies, small business centers, credit unions,  pharmacies and many more. CSS Laboratories, Inc. strives on building quality systems, not quantity. Contact us should you have a specific system application for one of our 14 or 20 slot passive backplane servers for multiple telephony, telecom, or control boards, or a workstation for any need.  We primary work with OEM's and VAR's to acheive a complete and total solution. The staffs of CSS Laboratories, Inc. would be glad to review your requirement. We look forward to doing business with you in the future and a lasting business relationship.